Merqur Administration Services ApS was founded in 2018, as Merqur Regnskabsservice ApS experienced increasing demand from customers for help with more simple – but time-consuming – administrative tasks at competitive prices.

Everyday life for most companies is now a days online, in the cloud and on social media (SoMe). This means that you also have to communicate with your customers on all platforms.

Merqur Administrationservice ApS delivers to this demand – and is the solution to how several modern companies outsource and / or optimize their administration or parts thereof.

Merqur Administrationservice ApS also helps the director to spend more of his time on what she / he is best at (and prefers to have focus on).

Our customers are primarily companies with between 1-20 employees – who need a «virtual assistant» who can fit their (online) communication platforms 24/7.

We are experts in handling multiple and different tasks at the same time – whether it is reminder service, telephone / mail / chat care, web order management or the like.

With our strategic location – with a subdivision in Málaga in southern Spain – we can simultaneously differentiate ourselves on the price, as the cost level in Málaga is significantly lower than in Denmark.